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How Your Custom-Made Rug is Created from beginning to end

Tafresh Persian Rug from Shoppersianrugs.com

Persian Design

Have you ever found the perfect rug, but it ended up already being sold, was too costly or wasn't the right size. Shopcustomrugs.com is here to help. We can take a picture of a rug or a design and pass it off to our group of weavers to customize a hand-knotted rug to perfectly meet your needs and desires.

This is a color box for selecting colors for a new hand-knotted rug.

Color Matching Your Rug

Here you can see a collection of colors to pick from while designing your rug(s). The color box helps us coordinate colors with the weaving team. Once the colors have been selected then the CAD can be approved and the process continues. 

CAD image of an Oriental Tafresh rug before weaving begins.

Creating the CAD Image of Your New Rug

Here we show a CAD image of a Tafresh rug that has been redesigned with slightly different colors. This image is created before creating a printed version that is used by the weavers in the weaving process.

Oriental Tafresh rug being woven in India.

Weaving Begins

This process can take months to a year depending on the size and detail of the rug being woven. The rug is hand-knotted row after row with two wefts in between each row of knots. Here is the Indo-Tafresh a good bit into the weaving process. 

Completed Oriental Tafresh rug

Rug Cleaning Process

After the rug has been cut down from the loom it will be cleaned, washed and dried. The rug will be left in the sun to dry and set the colors. The cleaning process can take a few days to complete. After this process the rug will be shaved to an even pile height and the fringe will be cut to the proper length on the ends of the rug. Now the rug will be ready to prep for shipment. 

Oriental Tabriz Rug is packaged and ready for import to the United States


Once the rug has had a final look over and been cleaned, now the rug is ready to be shipped. It will be rolled up, wrapped and weighed for shipping. Now the rug will be passed on to and International carrier for shipment. The shipping process usually takes about a week.

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Welcome to Shopcustomrugs.com. We're so glad that you decided to check us out. Our goal here is to create the perfect rug experience where you can purchase the rug of your dreams that is exactly how you imagined it. So often you may fall in love with a rug but some detail of the rug doesn't work out just right for you space. It may be the wrong color, wrong size or may cost way to much. Here you can re-create the rug of your dreams to meet your needs. All our rugs are handwoven with high quality wool on a cotton foundation. Our rugs are woven in Bhadohi, India by a team of weavers that we communicate with.  Check out our projects page to see what current projects our weavers are working on. We love handwoven rugs and want to keep the art alive!

If you are looking for an Oriental rug that is already woven we have them available at our other site Shoppersianrugs.com/persianrugs. Please check Shop Custom Rugs and Shop Persian Rugs out on Facebook. We have videos, tips, discounts and more available on social media.

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Hand-Knotted Mahi Rug has been completed!

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