About the Weavers

Skilled Weavers

Empowered women make up a percentage of the weavers that work on our rugs. Agriculture is the largest industry in India and many farmers weave when they aren't working with their crops. Creating Custom-Made rugs allows us to offer a unique and superior product, utilizing the skills of these expert weavers. These rugs create higher income for the weavers due to their complexity in designs, which provides more job stability.

Harvesting Rice for Their Tables

Here you see women from one particular village harvesting rice that will feed their families. Instead of purchasing everything from a supermarket they grow their own crops. This is a big part of the lives of these weavers.

This weaver is making a 3'x5' hand-knotted rug of a Persian Jozan design.

Working on a Jozan

This weaver is making a hand-knotted Mir rug. This design is common in India and part of Iran.

Working on Mir Rugs