Tafresh Rug

Persian Design

Design for Indo-Tafresh

    Here you see the completed computer assisted design or CAD for the Tafresh rug.

Loom is Ready to Weave

    This process of wrapping the cotton warps around the loom has been referred to as Tana. This will make up the fringe of the rug when completed.

Tafresh has Begun

    At this point the weaver has completed enough of the rug that you can really see that the work is matching the CAD.

This Indo-Tafresh is more than halfway completed.

Indo-Tafresh is more than 50% complete.

    At this point more than 50% of the rug has been completed. 

Tafresh just cut down from the loom.

    Now that the weaver has completed the entire rug it has been cut from the loom. The pile is still shaggy and uneven.

Back side of the New Tafresh rug.

    This is the back view of the rug. With the pile being unshaved it can be difficult to really make out the design completely. Looking at the back gives you a better idea of what the finished product will look like when completed.

Weaver is running wefts

Here you can see a weaver working on our CUSTOM Indo-Tafresh rug. He is adding a weft across the rug and packing it down.

Here is a hand-knotted reproduction of a Tafresh rug from Iran.

Tafresh is 100% Complete

   About the Design: This incredible rug is now complete and waiting to be imported into the United States from India. The rug is approximately 4'x6', hand-knotted with semi-worsted wool on a cotton foundation. The design comes from the Persian village of Tafresh in the Markazi Province in Iran. The design is known as a clock-face design which is believed to originate from the Zoroastrian religion, representing the sun.

    Our goal in re-creating this rug was to capture the quality and character of semi-antique and antique rugs from the village of Tafresh in Iran. This design isn't as commonly made in Iran as it once was. The designs have been simplified over time.

Rug Details:

Dimensions | 4'x6'
Pile Material | Wool
Foundation Material | Cotton
Origin | India
Design | Tafresh
KPSI | 120

Completed | Our Oriental Tafresh 4'x6'

This incredible rug was designed by our team in India which has done several other rugs for us. They do amazing work every time! This rug is Available for Sale on our sister website. Click here to check it out.