Darjazin Rug

Persian Design

Custom-Made Darjazin Rug

CAD image of A Persian Darjazin Rug to be hand-knotted in India

SKY Red N-111 in the main borders

SKY Blue N-080 in the field

SKY N-042 in Medallion and other

This lovely rug was designed by our team in India to meet the specific requirements of a customer online. Our customer liked a Darjazin rug that we have available but it was a little too small for the area of her house that she was going to place it in. We were able to customize this rug to meet the dimensions she needed as well as picking colors that worked for her home décor. There were some questions about which shade of red would work best so we sent her 11 samples of red to figure out which color worked best. You can do this too.

SKY Green N-423 Accent Color

SKY N-361 Accent Color

SKY N-491 Accent Color

SKY N-391 Accent Color

SKY N-238 Accent Color

SKY N-205 Accent Color

Finished Wool

Finished Red Wool

Darjazin Oriental rug is about 15% complete.

View of progress from the back side of the rug.

The view of the rug from the backside gives you a more clear picture of the design. From the front of the rug at this stage the wool is longer and uneven. I think it's looking great so far!

Indo-Darjazin rug is about 35% complete.

Moving right along!

Getting Close to the Middle!

This Indo-Darjazin is now 50% complete on the loom.

50% Complete!!!

As the weaver reaches the middle of the medallion we can officially say that the rug is 50% complete on the loom, however, there is more to be done to the rug once it has been cut from the loom. Check back to see what's next on this exciting project!

About 60% complete

This Custom-Made hand-knotted Oriental Darjazin is coming along nicely.

Oriental Darjazin rug is now off the loom.

Now off the loom!

This image shows the back side of the 5'6"x7' Oriental Darjazin. The rug still needs to be shaved, trimmed, groomed and washed.

Check out this beauty!

This lovely Darjazin rug is getting closer to being ready for the customer. The colors look great in the sunlight!

Overcasting the Selvedge

Once the rug has been completed and cut down from the loom; the rug still needs the selvedge over casted. On each side of the rug are four warps that are tied into the rug. These get wrapped with the same wool that the rug was hand-knotted with. This helps protect the rug and gives the rug a nice finished look for the customer.

Rolling Rug for Export

This beautiful 5'6"x7' Oriental Darjazin is being rolled up for the last time before being exported from India and Imported into the United States. What an exciting project this has been.