Mir Rug

Mir CAD | 5/40 Quality

Oriental Mir Rug

    This is a Mir design which is common in India and parts of Iran. They feature an allover boteh patter with. Field colors are most commonly cream, red and navy blue.

The Original Mir Design

SKY N-080

SKY N-042

SKY N-111

SKY N-152

SKY N-205

SKY N-224

SKY N-277

SKY N-377

SKY N-407

SKY N-489

N-224 Wool

N-205 Wool

N-407 Wool

N-152 Wool

Weaver's Map

 Here you see a weaver's map printed out to guide the weaver through the production of the rug.

Back View of Mir Rug that was just completed.

Back Side of Oriental Mir Rug 4'x6'

This rug has just been completed and cut down from the loom. 

Brand New Mir Rug with the pile unshaved

Close up of Unshaved Pile

4'x6' Oriental Mir Rug after being cut down from the loom. The pile is still thick and uneven but looks great.

Mir Design

All Over Boteh Design

Oriental Mir Rug

View of Knots from the Back

Finishing the Mir 4x6

This custom, hand-knotted rug is close to completion and almost ready for the US Market.

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