Oriental Nain Rug

Nain Design Rug

Indo-Nain on loom at about 25% completion.

  Here we see an Indo-Nain rug on a loom. The Quality in India is referred to as 12/60 or approximately 178 Knots Per Square Inch.

Indo-Nain at about 55% completion.

  Less of the Indo-Nain is showing but at this point just over half of the rug has been completed. This Nain is hand-knotted with wool pile and some silk highlights.

Indo-Nain at about 80% completion.

  Here the Indo-Nain has reached approximately 80% completion. 

Indo-Nain Stock Picture shows the design of this 12/60 Quality Rug

  Here you see an Indo-Nain with the same colors and design. This rug is 12/60 Quality with wool and silk.

  This Indo-Nain will be 5'x7', hand-knotted with wool pile and some silk highlights. The rug quality is 12/60 or approximately 178 KPSI. This rug is a standard design that is commonly made in India. Our team of weavers can make this rug for you in a variety of colors and dimensions to suite your personal living space. Please message us today to start discussing you new CUSTOM-MADE hand-knotted rug.

Beautiful New wool and silk Nain!

Nain, Good to Go!

    This lovely hand-knotted rug has been through the entire process of being woven, groomed, washed and is now ready to be imported.

Ready for the USA

    See the entire process from Start to Finish of this Indo-Nain in 12/60 Quality.

On A Roll!

    Watch this high quality rug get rolled up for the final time in India. Now on to the United States where it will find a new home. 

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