Rudbar Rug

Persian Design

Persian Rudbar Rug

This Persian rug has become the inspiration for the Brand New hand-knotted 6'x9' CAD shown below. We are taking the beautiful Persian design and adding some more flare to the colors to really make this rug pop.

CAD before color variations were selected.

SKY N-057

SKY N-233

SKY N-074

SKY N-171

SKY N-173

SKY N-277

SKY N-407

SKY N-190

SKY N-600

SKY N-042

SKY N-036

CAD image for an Oriental Rudbar rug.

Completed CAD

    Once the design has been completed and the colors selected then the final CAD is produced. Shown above.

A sample of dyed wool for the Oriental Rudbar rug.

Dyed Wool

    Here is a sample of the dyed wool being used in this Rudbar rug.

Delivering wool to the weavers by means of motorcycle.

Transporting the Wool to the Weavers

    Transportation is more affordable to be done by motorcycle when it is possible.

Weaver's Map

    This is a section of the weaver's map. It shows the weavers where the color changes in the design. The colors on the map aren't necessarily representative of the exact colors being used.

Weaver's Map for rug weaving.
Oriental Rudbar Rug | 6'x9'

Borders Started

Into the Field

Rudbar is 50% Complete

The Rudbar is nearly completed.

Rudbar Rug has been completed

This is the back view of the Rudbar rug. At this point the rug still needs to be shaved, washed and have the selvedge overcasted. 

Ready for Sale

This 6'x9' Oriental Rudbar is brand new, hand-knotted by our talented weavers in India. Check out the lovely detail of the medallion in the next picture.

Rudbar Medallion

100% Completed