Behind the Scenes

Here is our collection of pictures from behind the scenes. We love the quality and dedication that goes into making these hand-knotted works of art as well as the people that make this possible. Please enjoy!

A man transports dyed wool on his motorcycle to the weavers for a hand-knotted rug.


Picking up the wool and delivering it to the weavers.

A man cuts the fringe of a new Mahi rug even.

Trimming Fringe

Last Checks & Cutting the fringe even.

A woman washes a new rug clean of loose threads.

Scrub that Rug!

Washing the new rug to remove loose threads.

A man works on dying wool for carpet weaving.

Dying Wools

Overcasting the selvedge of a rug with wool.

Overcasting the Selvedge

A printed map of a 3'x5' Oriental Jozan rug.

3'x5' Print for Weavers

Weavers use to use a hand painted map to weave rugs.

Painting Maps for Weavers

Dyed Wool

Here you see semi-worsted wool that has been collected from being dyed. This wool will be dried and prepared for the weavers to use in our rugs.

Sun Dries Best

The wool has been dyed and is now hanging out to dry in the sun where the colors will be set and enriched.

New Rugs

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