Kirman (10'x16')

Hand-Knotted, Oriental Kirman Carpet

Persian Kirman Design

Piecing the Puzzle together

The planning for this project started near the beginning of January, 2024. Our customer was searching for a carpet that would fit their home. However, their dream carpet wasn't the correct size and was no longer available. They found us online and we're designing a computer assisted design (CAD) based off the one picture that was available to our customer. 

Here you can see the CAD image being made in layers over the original photo.

Re-Creating the Design

A Difficult Task

This CAD (computer assisted design) was highly complicated due to the blurry resolution of the original image. 

Lucky for us, our team is made up of talented individuals that were able to use the image for the design layout as well as fill in the gaps using similar Kirman characteristics to complete the CAD image of this beautiful carpet.

Final CAD Image for this custom 10'x16' Oriental Kirman Carpet

Final CAd Image

10'x16' Oriental Kirman Carpet

Colors 1-3 of 14 in this custom Oriental carpet

Colors 1-3 of the Design

colors 4-6 of 14 in this custom Oriental carpet

Colors 4-6 of the Design

colors 7-9 of 14 in this custom Oriental carpet

Colors 7-9 of the Design

colors 10-12 of 14 in this custom Oriental carpet

Colors 10-12 of the Design

colors 13 & 14 of this custom Oriental carpet

Colors 13 & 14 of the Design

Here we are showing you a visual breakdown of the CAD, into five separate drawings, each showing 2-3 colors of the design. This helps our customers in the color selection process, so that they know where each color is utilized in the design. Let's face it, designs can be complicated and then throwing in seven or more colors can make it a nightmare to truly understand the layout of the new rug or carpet.

Color Poms Selected for the Weaving of this 10'x16' Oriental Kirman Carpet