Tabriz Rug

On the Loom

    Here you can see this Indo-Tabriz is not quite half way completed on the loom. You can see all the warps that run through the rug making up its foundation. This rug has a wool pile and a cotton foundation.

Fresh off the Loom

    This is the first picture of this Indo-Tabriz off the loom. It has been trimmed up, cleaned and now is being prepared for shipping to the United States.

9/45 Quality

    This Indo-Tabriz rug was woven in 9/45 Quality which puts it at approximately 100 Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI).

Trimming the Fringe

    Years back it seemed as if most hand-knotted rugs kept the fringe longer but today they are often trimmed shorter. This can make the rug look neater on the floor as well as being less likely to be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.

Double Checking the Pile

    In this video you can see two gentlemen going over the pile of the rug to make sure that it looks perfect before shipping it to This rug will soon be available for sale in the United States. We hope you enjoyed the inside look at how this rug was made.

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