Jozan Rug

Completed CAD

This 3'x5' Indo-Jozan Rug is in 9/45 Quality. This CAD took several corrections before it was ready to move forward.

Weaving Begins

Here you can see some of the colored wool that is going into this beautiful hand-knotted rug.

Weaving 50% Complete

Looking at the back side of the rug you can see all the floral detail that is going into this beautiful Indo-Jozan.

Front view of the Indo-Jozan rug after being cut down from the loom.

Front View

The rug's wool pile hasn't been shaved even yet. The rug still needs to be shaved and washed before the fringe will be cut shorter.

This is the back view of the Indo-Jozan after it has been cut down from the loom. It shows all the knot nodes.

Back View

This back view gives a better sense of what the detail of the rug looks like since all you see are the back side of the knot nodes.

Highly Skilled Weaver

Here you can see this highly skilled weaver working on this rug knot after knot. It is almost hypnotic watching the process.

Jozan is 100% Complete

This beauty has been completed and is now ready to be imported into the United States.

About the Design: This rug has a Sarouk-like design that is from the village of Jozan in Iran. Jozan is well known for navy blue fields and floral sprays. The wool quality is very high featuring both a silky-smooth texture as well as being very hard wearing. The medallion and corner design is common but not exclusive. Another common feature in the design is the rope-vine effect seen in the main border. This is very common in Jozan and often times mimicked by other villages in the Hamadan area.

When re-creating this rug, we tried to not lose the common characteristics that are typically found in Jozan rugs since they make the rug so appealing.

Rug Details:

Dimensions | 3'x5'
Pile Material | Wool
Foundation Material | Cotton
Origin | India
Design | Jozan
KPSI / Quality | 121

Available for Sale | Oriental Jozan 3'x5'

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