Heriz Carpet

Persian Design

Custom-Made Heriz

This is a Persian design from the Northwestern town of Heriz in Iran. The rug will be hand-knotted with wool on a cotton foundation and be made up of ten colors.

Dimensions | 8'x11'
Origin | India










CAD Creation For A New Rug

Here is an example of how the CAD design process is done, taken from an already existing picture. For example: you see a picture of a rug you like, we recreate the existing pattern into the computer.

8'x11' Hand-Knotted Oriental Heriz on a loom for Shopcustomrugs.com

Oriental Heriz on The Loom

Here you can see the 8x11 Oriental Heriz on the loom, mostly completed. In this picture, the rug is being viewed from the back side, however you can see the long pile in the section of rug that is rolled up near the bottom of the loom.

8x11 Oriental Heriz cut from the loom

At this stage, the rug has been cut from the loom and is laying face down on the ground. The pile is still long and uncut and viewing from the back-side shows the design the greatest.