About US

Hand-Knotted Rugs should be Unique

SHOPCUSTOMRUGS.COM was created from our primary website, Shoppersianrugs.com. We started out selling, hand-knotted Persian rugs and have expanded to other Oriental rugs from around the world.

As we expanded our inventory and variety of rugs, we've noticed a few things. Many great designs get reproduced in other countries, mainly because of the demand for those designs around the world, but I don't always prefer the colors you find them in.

We've also had customers looking for a certain type of design, in different colors than we had available. These situations lead us to the idea of expanding into the world of custom, handmade Oriental rugs.

In the future we may offer a selection of designs to pick from, but for the time being, we do our CAD images from pictures of rugs from our gallery or from pictures the customer may find on the web.

By creating custom, hand-knotted rugs, we make an industry that is already highly unique and emphasize the unique factors to recreate our customer's dream rug or carpet. All the rugs on our project page are customized either for other customers or for our online Oriental Rug Store.

We take great pride in the rugs we create and hope you'll start your custom rug with us. We update every project on this site to share the experience with the world. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, by email at info@shoppersianrugs.com.

- Ben Clymer