How long does a custom hand-knotted rug take to produce?

The production time depends on the fineness of the weave and the dimensions of the rug. Here are estimates of the time it takes to make a rug. Any size in between may be similar to the estimate below.

How long does shipping take?

The import process into the United States typically take less than 2 weeks, however, any delays through US Customs is out of our control. Once we have the rug in the United States, we ship out within 3 business days and shipping takes 2 - 3 business days. The total process is approximately 15 - 18 days.

What kind of warranty comes with a custom-rug?

We guarantee our rugs will arrive in excellent condition; however, no warranty is included with a custom rug purchase. If a rug is damaged in shipping, we'll accept the return and deal with the insurance claim.

What kind of rug pad should I use under my rug or carpet?

We recommend that customers purchase a rug pad that is at least 1/4 inch thick, made of felt + rubber for non-slip protection. We personally use this pad from RUGPADUSA that's found here on Amazon. The price ranges from about $30 for a 3x5 to about $70 for a 8x10.

Is child labor used in the production of our rugs?

No child labor is used in the production of our rugs. I maintain constant communication with our network in India to ensure that good business practices are being met. We share photos and videos of all our rugs during production so customers can get a glimpse of the workers that make these incredible rugs possible.

How long can a custom rug last?

All our rugs are made with high quality materials. If your rug is cared for as we recommend, there's no reason that you can't enjoy your hand knotted rug for 30 - 100+ years. We'll link to our recommendations in the near future.

How can we match the colors of your new rug to your existing decor?

Whether you're trying to match your decor to your new rug, or match your new rug to an existing rug, we can help. With the use of SKY color poms, we can send you individual colors so that you can see them in person.